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Stereotype threat – the social psychological threat that arises when one is in a situation or doing something for which a negative …

Over the last ten years, Oosterhof and Todorov’s valence-dominance model has emerged as the most prominent account of how people …

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This post builds on a previous post on Testing Indirect Effects/Mediation in R. What is mediation? There are many ways to define …

Multidimensional Scaling, the precursor to Principal Components Analysis, Common Factor Analysis, and related techniques …

Note I’m not done with this post yet. Don’t trust my content here too much and lower expectations about how much I explain here! …

The image above depicts a sailing ship entering unchartered waters, which I can only guess is a metaphor for the vast natural world …

Introduction I wrote this for psychologists who want to learn how to use R in their research right now. What does a psychologist need …


  • A gentle crash course in R using tidyverse (co-taught with Loek Brinkman) [OSF project]
  • R Programming for Research (co-taught with Iris M. Wang) [OSF project]


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